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Grab bag assorted 20 pieces cat toys bag

Grab bag assorted 20 pieces cat toys bag

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" Grab bag assorted 20 pieces cat toys bag "

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Huge success!, October 25, 2011
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    Buying toys for an animal that can find untold amusement in a ball of paper feels a little silly sometimes. Cats, being finicky by nature, are nigh impossible to shop for. Even when you do find that perfect toy they lose it, never to be found again.

    For about what I pay for a cup of coffee I decided this package was worth a try. In the product picture I saw a couple of fan favorites (the spongy soccer ball, glitter cube, mini-koosh and fuzzy fauxmouse) but I fully expected to open the package and find nothing but failure. Boy was I wrong. Upon opening the Tyvek shipping envelope I found two fuzzy fauxmice, two spongy soccer balls, two mini-koosh and numerous others. While the favorites were here the real gem was the wrapped-rope feather-tail mouse.

    Let me tell you about wrapped-rope feather-tail mouse. The body is roughly 1.5″ long, comprised of tightly wrapped rope (hemp perhaps?). The tail is a cluster of brightly colored feathers of varying length. This simple combination of elements combined has proven to be the single most entertaining object our cats have ever had the pleasure of swatting under the couch. The included pair of these is worth the price alone.

    We also found a pillow pig, pillow mouse and a few satiny cube-like things. It’s a steal.

    There’s always a gift based holiday around the corner…think of the kitties.

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  2. 15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I love a good grab bag, August 20, 2013

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    So, in general (for my batch at least) I’d give 3 stars. But, it was so fun to look over all of these and test them out with my kitten to see what she liked that I added another star for the grab bag aspect. Plus the price was great at $7 free shipping. I just went to Petco and pretty much each mouse or bell ball there was at least 75 cents. So, for all you get in the bag I think it is a good deal even though some of the toys are kinda useless.

    Update: We STILL have some of these toys over three years later! My cats love them.

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  3. 75 of 92 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    A “Toy” by any other name….BE WARNED, this is CRAP!, May 1, 2012

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    The next time you think about buying your (or a relative’s) cat any type of toy, stop and think about what you define as a toy; because while this giant “Kitty Toy Grab Bag” may seem like a great bargain, it’s really mostly crap. I DID NOT receive anything that is shown in the company picture.

    Items that I received in my Bag look almost identical to the “Customer Image from Kaitlyn” that is in the pictures section, except I received 23 “toys”; make no mistake, in no way did I get over on this “deal”. Please take note of the quotation marks that are around the words “toys” and “deal” and also note that I have a tone of sarcasm over them as well.

    Items received in bag:

    3 rectangle pillows with blue/yellow feathers
    3 triangle pillows
    2 stuffed socks
    1 furry mouse with leather strip tail
    1 furry mouse with multi colored feathers tail
    2 pink/green rolling bell cartwheels
    1 yellow felt bumblebee with silver cellophane wings
    4 foam soccer balls ( 1 pink, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow) that were disintegrating and falling apart out of the bag both at the touch and when I tried to remove the ‘MADE IN CHINA’ stickers stuck to them.
    5 hot pink and white crafting pom pom balls
    1 strand of green glittery ribbon (2 inch)

    Now I don’t know about much about cats, I’m more of a dog person, but I certainly don’t hate cats and would never want them hurt; however, what I am pretty certain of is that some cats –like my sister’s– chew and bite their toys, so disintegrating foam balls are not only out, but are very dangerous and pose a CHOKING HAZARD. When I saw the soccer balls in the picture (Kaitlyn’s Picture) I thought they were at least made of material. I have seen material (assorted colors) soccer balls as cat toys in the dollar store. I should have bought them there. Stupid me.

    Also I wasn’t aware that in their spare time cats crafted with crafting pom pom balls. Those crafting pom poms do come in large sizes, I know because I’ve used the extra-large ones before for crafting projects with my nieces and nephews, these however, are no bigger than a nickel, maybe one of them was the size of a quarter, which still pose a CHOKING HAZARD!

    And a strand of green glittery ribbon? I am talking about the type of ribbon (size wise, about 1/4 inch) you attach to birthday balloons or make the really curly looking bows with on presents. Except this piece was about two inches long. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a CHOKING HAZARD! or an INTESTINAL BLOCKAGE HAZARD should the cat swallow it.

    This “Grab Bag” (should be Crap Bag)is in no way, shape or form worth the $6.49 they are charging for it, because half of the “toys” aren’t even really toys and are going to have to be thrown away because of the choking hazard they pose. The other 13 pillow/mice/bell toys are fine, but I feel really silly paying $6.49 for them, especially when I can pick up similar ones in the dollar store –in four packs– for a dollar apiece; and next time that is exactly what I am going to do. I am never buying another cat toy on the internet ever again.

    Nearly all the toys and “toys” had a `MADE IN CHINA’ sticker on them.

    I just wanted to warn future customers about this product and for them not to be scammed. I am still astounded at how many people, who consider themselves ‘cat people’, say how wonderful this product is for their cats, I bought it because it had so many good reviews. I have never been this disappointed or this mislead by Amazon reviews before.

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